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Royal World Prize & Records began in United Kingdom in 2010. It has verified and presented World Records Status including the most spectacular the Biggest Mass Wedding with 4,541 couples from 5 different religions in 2011 by B-Channel TV and also verified the World Records for the Fastest Film Production From Script to Premiere for a Feature Film given to Dream Obama-The movie along side with others world-records organization. Since 2015, Royal has transformed itself and operated from Indonesia.

Royal will not only award world record holders but also awards for all kind of achievers as long as the standard is met. Royal is not a film competition where filmmakers are competing against each other to win the limited winner spot but Royal will award filmmakers, achievers and record-holders based on the standard that Royal has set. Therefore, Royal can present the Prize at anytime and to anyone as long as the standard has been met without having to compete head to head with other filmmakers.

For instance, Royal will award a filmmaker or other achievers such as singer, musician, painter, designer, architecture, etc with a Royal World Outstanding Distinction Prize who scores between 91-100 points. A Royal World High Distinction Prize for a score 81-90. A Royal World Distinction Prize for a score of 70-80. No Prize will granted for a score below 70 to ensure the quality of the awards.

Royal is at the moment working together with several Kingdoms in Indonesia and Nusantara region who would be happy to consider applications recommended by Royal to be part of a royal Kingdom family or even a Prince/Princess Title from that Kingdom granted to all high achievers including filmmakers who has achieved a certain standard; for instance in Filmmaking winning more than 10 awards or selection from festivals recognized by Royal.