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The biggest:

The biggest aircraft model - Airbus A380 model
The biggest beach towel - Cyprus Holidaymakers
The biggest chocolate castle - Krunoslav Budiselic
The biggest hand-written Quran - Najmul Hasan Chishti
The biggest matchstick model - David Reynolds
The biggest mobile guitar - Dieter Senft
The biggest skateboard - Bay College students
The biggest heart shaped logo from sausage - B Channel and So Good Sosis
The biggest heart shaped logo from bread - B Channel and Sari Roti

Airbus A380

Furthest Leaning Man-made Tower - The Capital Gate

The fastest:

The fastest novel being published - Gramedia Pustaka Utama

The fastest photographer - Damien Dematra

The fastest book writer - Damien Dematra

The fastest painter - Damien Dematra

The highest Heel Sandals - designer Mihai Albu

Book with most writers living with Lupus - Surat untuk Tuhan

The thickest book written - Damien Dematra

The most durable football referee: Csernyi Géza (from Hungary, born 1932)


The fastest movie produced from script to premiere
Dream Obama - The Movie (9 days 17 hours and 45 minutes), in Jakarta, Indonesia, 2011.

The largest:

Largest Ice Maze - Buffalo
Largest mechanical clock - Ganzhou clock
Largest self-supporting dome igloo - APEGNB
Largest Urn - Richard Cohen Landscape & Construction Inc.
Largest administrative building - Romanian Parliament
Largest bird feeder - Allerton Project farm
Largest cinema screen - Pinewood Studios
Largest Clock - The Royal Mecca Clock
Largest department store - Shinsegae Centum City
Largest Floating Christmas Tree - Rio de Janeiro
Largest floating restaurant - Rustar dhow
Largest Free-Flying American Flag - George Washington Bridge
Largest hanging basket - Hotel Indigo London Paddington
Largest Hindu Temple-The Akshardham Temple
Largest monument to the onion - Pericei
Largest monument to the Turkey - Frazee City
Largest Outdoor Skating Rink - Mexico City
Largest Painted Easter Egg - Suceava
Largest Performing Fountain - Dubai Fountain
Largest Rocking Chair - Dan and Carolyn Sanazaro
Largest swimming pool - San Alfonso pool
Largest dome igloo: Eric Ouellette and his team
Largest lederhosen - Walter Sinnhofer
Largest pen - M.S. Acharya
Largest rubber band ball - Joel Waul
Largest toast mosaic: Laura Hadland
Largest violin - German luthiers
Largest wallet: Big Skinny
Largest banjo: Richard Ineson
Largest box of chocolates - Thorntons Moments
Largest Cardboard Box - Chegg.com
Largest Coin-like Medallion - Damas
Largest envelope - stamp dealer Stanley Gibbons
Largest finger painting - NICMA
Largest golf tee - Bay College CAD team
Largest Grand Piano: Daniel Czapiewski
Largest hockey stick and puck - Cowichan Valley
Largest house of cards - Bryan Berg
Largest jigsaw puzzle - Ravensburg
Largest pack of playing cards: Lynn Camp students
Largest paint-by-number mural - Eli Lily and Company
Largest pedalboard - Jaux King
Largest photo album - Dodge
Largest photo book - Hitomi Toyama
Largest piece of chalk - Bishop Canevin students
Largest pinata - Carnival Cruise Lines
Largest pinewood derby track -"Goliath"
Largest porcelain jar - Xu Sijin
Largest Production Cigar - Gran Habano Cigars
Largest quilt - Daphne O'Connor
Largest rocking chair - Dan and Carolyn Sanazaro
Largest silver clock - Sukra Jevellery
Largest sock monkey - Cherylle Douglas
Largest sounding trumpet - Hyundai South Africa
Largest spade - Bulldog Tools
Largest thobe- Lomar
Largest wheat paddock - the Coggan family
Largest wicker basket - Cluj
Largest Wildlife Feed Cake - Birdola Products
Largest winter footwear - Tsar-Valenok
Largest Wood Chair - Radoslav Russev

The tallest person in varied sports:

Alexander Sizonenko from Russia (born 1959): tallest Soviet basketball player and tallest living Russian.

Sun Ming Ming from China (born 1967), tallest basketball player currently active. 2.36 m 

Ri Myung Hun (born 1967)is a North Korean basketball player recognized as world's tallest person in 1998. 2.35 m (7 ft 9 in)

George Bell Former is the tallest living American and former basketball Harlem Globetrotters player, born in 1957. He is 2.34 meter.

Paul Sturgess (born 1987) is a British-born college basketball player, who is the tallest player in the United States now. He is 2.34 meters.

Kenny George from United States (7 ft 8 in) born 1987, as the tallest American college basketball player.

Jorge González from Argentina (1966-2010). He is 7 ft 7 in, the tallest professional WWE wrestler. 

Slavko Vraneš (born 1983) Tallest Montenegrin basketball player at professional level. He played one game in the NBA for the Portland Trail Blazers. He is 2.30 meters.

Shawn Bradley (from USA, born 1972): the tallest German-born basketball player at professional level. Played in the NBA. He is 2.29 m (7 ft 6 in).

The longest:

Longest Bench: world record set by Pazardzhik
Longest bridge fountain - Banpo Bridge
Longest bridge over water: China's Qingdao Haiwan Bridge
Longest Calligraphy Scroll - Jamyang Dorjee Chakrishar
Longest feather boa ever made
Longest friendship bracelet: Owingsville Elementary (Video)
Longest model train: Wilmington Railroad Museum (Video)
Longest row of rubber ducks: Cozi
Longest Ski Hat: Gini Woodward
Longest string of prayer beads - Mustafa Kara
Longest bracelet (chain of beds ) - Alayna Salter
Longest chopsticks - Marco Polo Hotel
Longest cigar - Jose Castelar
Longest doormat - Travancore Cocotuft Ltd
Longest gum wrapper chain - Gary Duschl
Longest letter to Santa Claus - Romanian Post
Longest Plasticine sculpture: Flair
Longest rosary - Mohammed Alasiri
Longest string of beads - Shipwreck Beads
Longest string of bottle caps: Seaview School students
Longest toy train track - Thomas the Tank Engine
Longest wedding dress - Ling Rong
Longest wooden chain - Markley Noel

The tallest:

Tallest building - Burj Dubai
Tallest Jesus statue - Christ the King Monument
Tallest Residential Tower - The Chicago Spire
Tallest matchsticks model - Toufic Daher

The shortest time:

The shortest time taken to make a feature length film from scripting to screening - Dream Obama-The Movie

The youngest:

The youngest female director: Natasha Dematra

Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson: longest novels in Latin or Cyrillic alphabets: The Wheel of Time (a series of epic fantasy novels, English language,) with 4,012,859 words, 14 volumes)

Mohiuddin Nawab: longest novels in scripts other than Latin or Cyrillic: Devta (Urdu language) by  (11,206,310 Words, 53 volumes)

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