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World Records & Regional Records

OPEN for Record Breaker or Record Maker Only.

Our jury will decide if a record is a world record, a regional record, a country record or not. For World Records & Regional Records submissions: All the measurement has to be done by State-licensed professionals only, unless a judge from Royal is present to witness. All signatures required from:

The FIRST signature must be from: notary, mayor, senator, governor, government minister, Member of Parliament.
The SECOND signature must be from professional related to the field.
The THIRD signature must be from specialists confirming the size, weight, number or the length of the record. Other relevant information must be supplied including press articles (if any), detailed rundown of the event, youtube or vimeo link to documentation footage without any alteration and editing during the record breaking, additional photos and any supporting information.

In the presence of a jury from Royal, all of the above requirements are not necessary. However proposal and application fee must be submitted 1 month before the event. Upon approval, all other related costs must be paid 21 days before the event.

Submission: $225 USD

If selected, the applicant agree to pay additional $375 USD for submission fee, administration fee, approval letter, certificate, medal with a box, Royal Sash and handling/shipment of the package (should it be necessary).

If you require our Jury to attend and verify the record during an event and make the award presentation (if the record is achieved), the applicant will pay additional fee and other cost including air plane ticket, local transports, hotel, etc.

Submit your records & regional records here:

Full name & country:
Description of your attempt:

Please copy and paste the form below form, and email to: royalworldprize@gmail.com, along with your proof of payment above.



First name:
Last name:
Date of Birth (day/month/year):
Company name (if business):
Position in organization (if business):
(for corporate events only a member of the management can  register an attempt)
Full address:
City, district, country:
Main Email:
Second Email (if any):
Website (if any):
Previous world record (if any):
Sponsorship (if any):
Links to media coverage about your attempt (if any):
Attempt date:
Location of Record Attempt:
Description of the Record Attempt (100-250 words):
Purpose of your attempt:

By submitting this electronic submission, I certify all information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and I hereby release Royal World Prize and Records from any and all claims arising from my submission.

Signed by:

Place & date:

  • Please note that if you are under 18, your parents/guardian should sign the application.
  • All documentation should  be in English; press articles in foreign languages needs to be translated.
  • Don't leave any blank in the form as we will need all the information to proceed your application.
  • All the measurement have to be done by State-licensed professionals only.
  • You will receive the confirmation of your attempt within 30 working days.  Please note we reserve the right not to reply to your request.